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WHEAP Energy Assistance

The Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program (WHEAP) provides eligible households with assistance for heating costs, electric costs, and energy crisis situations. Operating with state and federal funding, the programs provide energy assistance payments to over 200,000 households and weatherization services to over 6,000 households each year.

When you apply for WHEAP Energy Assistance, you may qualify for multiple programs:

  • Heating Assistance is a one-time payment during the heating season which runs from October 1 to May 15. The funding pays a portion of the heating cost, but is not intended to cover the entire cost of heating. Follow the application instructions below to apply for Heating Assistance.
  • Electric Assistance (Non-Heating) is a one-time benefit during the heating season intended to pay a portion of the household's non-heating electrical costs. Follow the application instructions below to apply for Electric Assistance.
  • Crisis Assistance may be available if you have no heat, have received a disconnect notice, or are nearly out of fuel and do not have the money to purchase more.
  • Furnace Repair & Replacement may be available to eligible homeowners or renters if a furnace or other heating system is not operational.
  • Weatherization helps households save on energy costs by making homes more energy efficient. Common Weatherization services include installing attic and sidewall insulation, sealing major air leaks, repairing or replacing hot water heaters. Depending on age, some old refrigerators and freezers may be replaced.

A complete description of these programs is on the Home Energy Plus website.

Am I Eligible?

If the gross income for your household is less than the amount shown on this chart, you might be eligible to receive WHEAP assistance.

Income Guidelines for 2023-2024 Program Year
(60 Percent of the State Median Income)


1 Month


























How Do I Apply for WHEAP?

Eau Claire, Trempealeau & Clark County Residents

  • Option 1: Call Western Dairyand at 715-836-7511 to schedule an appointment.

  • Option 2: Fill out an online application on the HomeEnergy+ website at Please note: online applications are not processed by Western Dairyland.

  • Option 3: You may also request an application be mailed to you by calling Western Dairyland at 715-836-7511 or send an email to The completed application and required documents may be returned by mail or dropped off at the Western Dairyland office in downtown Eau Claire. Our mailing address is 418 Wisconsin Street, Eau Claire, WI 54703.

Other Counties
Find your local office here.

After you apply, the State of Wisconsin Department of Administration will send you a benefit notice referencing the amount of assistance you are eligible to receive. In most cases the payment is made directly to the household energy supplier.

What Information Do I Need?

To avoid unnecessary delays, applicants will need to provide Social Security numbers for all household members, a photo ID for yourself, and proof of income for ALL household members for the previous 1 month:

Seniors on fixed incomes may provide a copy of the Social Security award letter, or copy of a 1099 form.

If you have dividend interest income or self-employment income, you will need to provide your most recent tax documents.

If you pay or receive court-ordered child support, please provide verification of these payments.

You May Qualify for More Help

If you qualify for WHEAP Energy Assistance, you may be eligible for additional benefits including

Energy Crisis Assistance

Furnace Repair & Replacement

Water Conservation Program


IMPORTANT - If you are in an emergency situation with no heat, please tell us immediately so we may assist you as soon as possible.

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WHEAP Energy Assistance

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Office Locations

Western Dairyland
Eau Claire Office


Western Dairyland
Independence Office

A complete description of these programs is on the Home Energy Plus website.

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