Weatherization & Energy

During the past 40 years, weatherization services have been provided throughout the country at no cost to millions of low-income families and individuals. In Western Wisconsin, Western Dairyland provides weatherization services to approximately 300 to 500 homes each year.

Weatherization services vary with each home, depending on how it was built and its current condition. Common weatherization services include installing attic and sidewall insulation, sealing major air leaks, repairing or replacing furnaces, caulking and/or repairing inefficient windows and doors, adding weather stripping, insulating hot water heaters, installing energy-efficient light bulbs and appliances, plus other energy-conserving activities.

Who is Eligible for Weatherization?

If you received Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program (WIHEAP) benefits during the last heating season, you are automatically eligible for weatherization services. You may also qualify if your income is at or below 60% of the Wisconsin median income (current income guidelines may be found here). Western Dairyland provides weatherization services for residents of Buffalo, Eau Claire, Jackson and Trempealeau counties. If you live in a different county, find your local weatherization agency on the state of Wisconsin's Home Energy Plus website.

How to Apply for Weatherization

STEP 1: Apply for energy assistance at your county Health & Human Services office (find your local office here).

STEP 2: If you live in Buffalo, Eau Claire, Jackson or Trempealeau county and you qualify for energy assistance, fill out a weatherization application (download an application here).

STEP 3: Send your completed application and required information to:

Western Dairyland Weatherization Program
P.O. Box 125
23122 Whitehall Road
Independence, WI 54747

If you need more information or assistance with the application process, call Western Dairyland at 715-985-2391 or 1-800-782-1063 or email us at

In emergency situations where households are left with no heat, Energy Crisis Assistance is available to eligible homeowners and renters. This program supplements the Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program which provides emergency funding to help with no-heat situations, bill payment arrearages, and furnace repair and replacement.

In an emergency, no-heat situation:

In Eau Claire County,
contact Western Dairyland:

In Buffalo County,
contact Health & Human Services:

In Trempealeau County,
contact Western Dairyland:

In Jackson County,
contact Health & Human Services:

The Home Repair & Accessibility program is designed to provide funds for making essential improvements to homes. HUD Housing Quality Standards will be met upon completion of the rehabilitation and improvement work.

The program provides solutions to a variety of problems including faulty septic systems, wells, structural problems, safety hazards, accessible ramps and bathrooms, roofing and siding.

To be eligible for this program, household incomes must be at or below 80% of the County Mean Income, adjusted for family size. The property must be the primary residence of the owner.

For more information about the Home Repair & Accessibility program, call 715-985-2391 or 1-800-782-1063.

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